Accompanying a Change. To ensure that it’s good, even if it’s different.

Changes lead to insecurity. Changes provoke resistance. Rationally speaking, the continuous readiness for change can be expected from all of us; however, the resistance of those involved is usually based on their emotions.

To ensure that change projects achieve the desired results, the habits, fears and wishes of those involved must be consciously taken into consideration and actively included.

In Business Theatre, these inner processes come alive. Acute topics are transformed into pictures that allow anyone to recognize and understand themselves. In this interactive process, the system in its entirety, as well as the interpersonal aspects of a planned change is recognized and impulses for solutions are developed.

I apply these extremely communicative interventions and methods during change projects, seminars and workshops. Each and every time, these methods result in great experiences as information is played out and later used during the change.

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