Act knowledgeably.

You’d like to confidently plan your seminars and workshops? Your competence as a coach or consultant requires an established, methodical foundation? You need creative tools to give your event that certain something, and thus, not only motivate your participants?

In my development courses, you’ll receive the tools and knowledge required to create effective concepts, recognize the dynamics that arise in learning groups and deal with them in a competent manner.

My approach is solution-oriented and creative, always appreciative and based on the key work principle: “learning by doing”. It’s a matter of fact that my approach never lacks a certain amount of humor.

Consultation and professional development are available in the areas of…

  • … consulting competency as an in-house coach or mentor
  • … moderation skills
  • … creative and systemic intervention methods for consultants and coaches
  • … peer-to-peer consulting for specialists and leaders.

You are planning your own personal development as a consultant or coach or within a certain area of expertise? You are searching for answers? Let’s talk about it!