Playing with Life’s Complexity.

Traveling for me is the very best type of personality-coaching to manage the complexity of life. You learn to improvise, flexibly adapt to situations and be patient, to brave uncertainties and to engage with foreign cultures and new face-to-face encounters. This is a realization that has become both my calling and profession. A phrase that pretty much hits the nail on the head is, “Recognize the situation, make it your material and work with it.”

“Clear Entrance” is a term used in business theatre and means inner clarity before beginning an act. The goal of this – and my – philosophy is to teach us to approach our continuously changing times with composure and flexibility.

I understand my role as being a catalyser, ready to provide the necessary impulses to ensure long-term affects by enabling self-help.


Born 1956
Trainer since 1985
Coach since 1999

Consulting Profile – Gabriele Braemer – download as PDF, 190 KB

Important professional steps that have an impact on my work:

  • Since 2000 owner of Clear Entrance®; organization consultant and business coach for internationally operating commercial enterprises
  • Trainer and consultant with a management consultancy in Hamburg
  • QM, Trainer and HR Development Manager with a cruise organizer in Hamburg
  • Chief-Stewardess and trainer for cabin personnel with the Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Frankfurt / Main; including international training assignments