Have you ever considered mentoring?

In companies, a key factor of success is the professional development of managers. Their responsibilities include making competent decisions in the interests of their organization, recognizing potential as well as thinking and acting strategically. To ensure the organization remains strong and sustainable.

Mentoring refers to an individual learning process that is carried out over a limited length of time. Experienced managers (mentors) accompany either junior managers or new employees (mentees) in developing their new roles. Mentors pass on their expertise and provide advice on professional issues and questions the mentees may have.

I look forward to helping you prepare your managers for their inspiring work as mentors. So that expertise stays in the company and you, as an employer, remain attractive in the future.

Consultation and professional development are available in the areas of…

  • … developing a tailored mentoring program, kicking it off and accompanying the implementation process,
  • … preparing the mentors for their assignment and providing them with the appropriate communicative tools.

Mentoring enables you to create a fascinating further development opportunity for your managers and top performers, with little effort.

It would be my pleasure to prepare an individual offer for your specific projects!