Are you still forming or already performing?

Teams within an organization do not exist for their own sake; they’re set up to fulfill certain tasks and functions. Occasionally, changes in size, formation, tasks or surroundings can throw a team off; flexibility stagnates. Growth, creativity, and productive interaction are non-existent – and the worst part is, so are decisions.

Time and again, teams slip into such situations and are then in need of support and assistance to recognize, revive and implement their flexibility and resources. This is where my work as a team coach begins.

Consultation, moderation and workshops are available for…

  • … intercultural team development, e.g. after restructuring
  • … clarification of interfaces and conflicts in change-projects
  • … kick-off events
  • … creative team-events

Would you like to place questions concerning your situation or are you planning a team-event off the beaten track? I look forward to making you a customized offer!