“Being in the Picture” – very simply

Constellation Formats in Team Development, Training and Coaching

When attempting to present complex background stories in a simple manner, a constellation is an excellent implementable process. Without many words, detailed opinions can be quickly “created”, (unspoken) points of view made visible, target conditions defined and specified and the dynamics arising within conflicts can be experienced. One’s view becomes free for new perspectives and practical solutions.

In this workshop and through practical examples, you’ll become acquainted with different powerful and yet uncomplicated constellation formats.

Target Group
People who work with groups; trainers, coaches, supervisors and those searching for new forms of counseling for their clients’ concerns.


  • Settings and constellation formats within organizations, during coaching and in team development
  • Concept and process of a constellation
  • Opportunities and limitations of constellations in various contexts
  • In Practice: Supervised exercises with topics from group

Workshop Schedule

Workshop dates upon request.